3 Myths About Finding a Dream Job

As a Career Coach, I've said the words “dream job” a million times to my clients in order to describe the path to fulfillment and satisfaction in their careers. People usually know what I mean when I say “dream job”, but if they are just beginning the job search, the idea can be overwhelming. Other words that I have come up with to describe this path are:

    •    Follow your bliss...
    •    Find your purpose...
    •    Live your destiny...

But this concept can seem vague, especially when you're dealing with some real-life situations like:

    •    "Hmm. When was the last time I wrote a resume (and where did I save it?)"
    •   " How do I know if a new job will be better than the one I have right now? 
What if I get a job that's even worse than the one I have?
    •    Will I need to start over and go back to school to find my dream job?

When you're job searching, the day-to-day reality may have nothing to do with dreams (especially if your not sleeping enough to dream anyway). You may lose sight of that fantasy of what you wanted to be when you grow up, and you might start thinking you're destined to work 9-5 at a crappy job for the rest of your life. 

It can be hard to picture loving your career when you're feeling blah about what you do everyday and are having increasing moments of frustration with your job.

Although the words "dream job" might be over used, I believe the path to getting there is not used nearly enough. 

As I've been writing my blog about people who are following their dreams, I've been hearing people say things like "I just knew that my purpose in life was to make the world a better place." or "I thought about what people would say about me at my funeral." These people are far from wishy-washy.  They work hard and sometimes wake up at 5am to make sure projects are completed. They're not just "dreaming," they're DOING - but the combination of the two is pretty inspiring.

So what is the definition of a dream job?

A dream job is:
    •    getting to work every day doing something you're good at and that you REALLY enjoy doing.
    •    working for a company that values the same things as you. 
    •    having co-workers that you feel comfortable around. Whether that means they’re fun and outgoing or they work quietly and go home at 5pm… whichever fits your personality.
    •    feeling like the communication with managers and co-workers is healthy and motivating. (Not walking on eggshells around a mean boss or dysfunctional work environment.)
    •    …or maybe your dream job is starting a business that you’ve always dreamed of and working for yourself.

A dream job is not:
    •    always a feeling of bliss and nirvana. Work is work. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices with your time and energy to get the job done. The difference with a dream job is that you’re satisfied with the overall purpose of your work.   
•    going to solve all of your problems. You still need friends, romance, family, hobbies, and so much more to feel completely fulfilled.
    •    a replacement for therapy or spiritual work. No dream job is going to magically make your mind calm and meditative - but you will be happier.

So, how do you find a dream job? 

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Mary Blalock