Find Your Passion - Coaching Package

Find a career that doesn’t suck - and that you ACTUALLY love. During each of the four 1-hour coaching session, we will work through a series of exercises that will help you create a clear direction for what you want to do with your life. You'll design a Career Manifesto, a document that you can use as a blueprint of steps to take toward your finding a job that you love. Here is a quick outline of the program:

  • Career History Timeline - Map your career history and explore patterns in what has made you happy so far.
  • Your Career Zone - Find out what activities energize you and what subjects inspire you. Discover how you can translate your interests and passions into the right career path.
  • Skills + Strengths - Explore your skills and strengths and learn to brag a little bit about yourself and your secret talents.
  • Career Manifesto - In this final session we will bring all of it together to create a Career Manifesto a blueprint of steps to take toward your finding a job that you love.

Length of time: 4 one-hour coaching sessions
Cost: $380*

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*Payment plans are available.

 "Mary helped me define my purpose a little more and help me clarify what I really want to do for work. She asked me questions that made me consider some insight I have never had before. She is warm, easy to connect with, and makes really excellent use of time during the sessions, without making you ever feel rushed and in fact making you feel like a superstar."
~ Rachel M.

RAD Jobs - Coaching Package

• Create a vision of the future to determine the next steps in your career.
• Discover your skills and strengths - make sure this vision aligns with what you're good at and what you like to do.
 Uncover compelling stories about your work experience so far and develop a message to communicate your passion in a way that connects with people who can get you there.
• Explore job descriptions and career paths in order to determine the next step in your career and find the best fit for your unique strengths and knowledge.

Length of time: 4 one-hour coaching sessions
Cost: $380*

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*Payment plans are available.


June 12th - July 8th 2017: SOLD OUT! 
Next Workshop: Starting September 18th, 2017
Cost: $297* for 5 weeks

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*Payment plans are available.


"Without Mary, I strongly believe I wouldn't have the opportunities that I have today. Her insider tips and advice are truly invaluable. Plus, they actually work. If you're willing to put in the effort and ready to make your next move, I highly suggest reaching out to Mary. The long-term benefits are worth every penny. I'm so happy I did!"
~ Heather S.

Resume, LinkedIn, & Cover Letters:

  • Update your LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd -  in a good way.
  • Create a resume that is written with clarity and confidence to help you get your dream job.
  • Write cover letters that hiring managers will actually read and respond back to.
  • Create a vision for what you actually want and design a job search strategy to find meaning and purpose in your work.



DIY Resume: If you already have a pretty good resume, you can schedule a quick session to get advice on the format and content of your resume. We meet for an hour and I give you suggestions on how to improve your resume, provide you with a Resume Checklist document, and answer any specific questions. Then, you would make changes to your resume and edits on your own. 

Resume Refresh: If you already have a resume, but need to update your recent work experience and make sure it aligns with current hiring trends we can update your resume. In the first session, we will review your career objectives and create a communication strategy for your job search. This package includes edits, suggestions, and tips on how to clearly and confidently write a professional resume that will stand out to employers and get you the job that you want. 

Length of Time: We meet for an hour via phone to craft some wording for your resume around your strengths and achievements. Then, depending on how many changes and updates I need to make, I will work for 1-3 hours to craft a refreshed resume that highlights more of your strengths and is designed to catch the eye of a hiring manager. We will meet for another session (in person or over the phone) to review my changes and make sure it reflects your skills and experience. Then, I will make final edits and send you the resume via email.

Cost: $250 - $400 total

Resume Start-to-Finish: If you don't have a resume or haven't updated your resume in a while, I can help you create a resume from scratch. We will meet for an initial session to review your work history and review the types of positions that you're most interested in. Then, I will create a resume that will present you as the best candidate for your field and highlight your most relevant skills and experience. Prices vary depending on the length and detail of your experience.

Length of Time:  This package includes 2 meetings, 3 hours of resume writing, and 1 hour of editing/proofreading. 
Cost: $400-500 total

LinkedIn Refresh: During this session, we will review your LinkedIn profile and make sure it’s the best possible representation of you as a candidate for positions that you are applying for. This can be added to any package or call to arrange a separate session.

Cover Letter Refresh: In this session, we will review the best cover letter format to make hiring managers respond with an interview request. Each cover letter that you write should be customized for the specific position that you are applying for. You'll learn tips and tricks to get your resume into the "Yes" pile of applicants and communicate that you're the best candidate for the position. This can be added to any package or call to arrange a separate session.