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You're feeling stuck and confused about your career path. You have no idea where you're heading. All you know is that you want something different than where you are now. Something more fulfilling and much closer to what you would call a "purpose" or "passion." 

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It's time for you to take charge of your career and move it in the right direction.

In this class, we will work through a series of exercises that will help you create a clear direction for what you want to do with your life and take steps toward finding a job that you love. You'll work individually and in groups to figure out what you want from your career - and the path to get there. The group will provide support, ideas, and community as you navigate through the career discovery process.


•   This class includes a one-on-one coaching session, 4 in-person 2-hour classes, individual check ins, and a private Slack group for support and instant Q&A with a group of other ladies who are exploring their careers.
•    Work through structured homework assignments that help you identify your passions, interests, strengths, skills - as well as the obstacles that are holding you back.


  • Explore your interests and passions - learn how to translate them into the right career path.

  • Discover your hidden strengths and learn to talk about your achievements and positive qualities without feeling like you're bragging.

  • Identify the obstacles (internal and external) that are holding you back from moving forward and learn techniques to overcome these obstacles.

  • Review the ups and downs of your career history to determine when you were on track.

  • Learn about different career paths and job titles. Brainstorm ideas about what paths to explore. Research industries and job opportunities that sound interesting to you.

  • Create a career map to outline the next steps to take toward the future.

Sept 26th - Oct 17th, 2018

Wednesday, September 26th 6-8pm: Create a career history timeline to map the direction that your career has headed and what has made you happy.
Wednesday, October 3rd 6-8pm: Create a list of strengths, skills, and personality traits. Get comfortable talking about yourself in a positive light without feeling like you're bragging. 
Wednesday,  October 10th 6-8pm: Research job titles and descriptions that might be a good fit, take a (fun) career assessment test.
Wednesday, October 17st 6-8pm: Learn about the science of goal setting. Create goals and benchmarks for the future to take action toward a better career.

Centrl Office Eastside: 329 NE Couch St, Portland


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