"Mary helped me define my purpose a little more and help me clarify what I really want to do for work. She asked me questions that made me consider some insight I have never had before. She is warm, easy to connect with, and makes really excellent use of time during the sessions, without making you ever feel rushed and in fact making you feel like a superstar."
~ Rachel M.

"Without Mary, I strongly believe I wouldn't have the opportunities that I have today. Her insider tips and advice are truly invaluable. Plus, they actually work. If you're willing to put in the effort and ready to make your next move, I highly suggest reaching out to Mary. The long-term benefits are worth every penny. I'm so happy I did!"
~ Heather S.

" Working with Mary provided me with the opportunity to drill down into what I wanted in a work environment and finding a team and organization that aligned with my values and goals as a professional. Mary Blalock is a fantastic advocate to have in your corner who has amazing insight into the market and hiring process. I cannot recommend her enough." 

~ Heath - Seattle

"As I pursued ditching the 9-5 to go out on my own as a freelance writer, I had friends and colleagues instill in me the importance of coaching to help grow my business. When I found Mary, it seemed like a natural fit. Each week we met, she helped me refocus on my goals for where I wanted to be in the next year and reminded me to pursue clients and opportunities in line with my passions. Each week I left energized to tackle the next week and knew my time and money was well spent. Her encouragement, knack for goal setting, and accountability helped motivate me to grow my business faster and better than I could have ever done on my own! "
~ Jen - Portland

"Mary helped me to really come to a life-changing realization that there are options for you, even when you think there are not. No matter how many obstacles you have in your way, if you keep on focusing on what you've got rather than what you don't have, there will be a way to work around those obstacles. It's not just a matter of working with those obstacles in place, it's a matter of completely changing everything so that those obstacles become irrelevant. She helped me to see what my true passions were, what I really enjoyed doing, and what makes me "me". She kept on me to be organized and persistent, to stay on task, and to be relentless in my pursuit of happiness. Hands down Mary helped me to see beyond limitations and those "old tapes" that would play over and over again every time I thought about finding a new career. I now have a different framework with which I achieve my goals and a different mindset when going into difficult situations. Anything is possible."

~ Kim - Portland

"I had no idea what to expect from a coach - all I knew was that I was overwhelmed and needed back up. Mary quickly brought order to my chaos in the most seamless and gentle way. She was inquisitive and non-judgemental, listening intently to help clarify what was truly important to me. We crafted tangible plans - making it virtually impossible for me to remain stuck. I experienced how healing it was to discover (and rediscover!) my passions; consciously choosing daily to focus on what energized me, rather than caving into the "shoulds." I appreciate her professional, caring, and down-to-earth approach, and I was always uplifted by our check-in's. I can't recommend her enough. "

~ Dawn - Seattle, WA

"I knew it was time to get off the 'beaten track' and to employ a trail guide. Mary was the one. She helped me to 'weed out' the not useful to find the useful. 

Mary is kind and understanding and interested in success for her client. Mary helped me to define and organize my needs and wants as well as setting goals and methods to achieve them. We also defined my weaknesses and how to create strength. The result has been a new found self confidence to go forward with courage and determination.

Thank you Mary for your support. I am enjoying my new me!"

~ Paula - Seattle, WA