Class Two: Your Dream Company List

The first step in the Proactive Job Search search is to start connecting with “your tribe” of people. Your tribe is a group of people who share your same interests and passion. It's not just that they work in the same industry as you - it's that they make you feel at ease when you're with them. For example, your tribe of people might have the same sense of humor as you or maybe the same work ethic, type A personality. These people usually have little things in common with you - like your love of craft beers or maybe your expert-level ping pong skills. When you're with your tribe of people, you feel comfortable, engaged, and inspired. These are “your people.” The more you surround yourself with people that you enjoy hanging out with - that share your sense of humor, your passions and interests - the more you will be fulfilled in the day-to-day life of your job.

Finding Your Tribe is what other people call “networking” - but the tribal approach is a much less awkward and frustrating process. When you know the direction of your career and have a vision of what you want for the future, the next step is to start connecting with people who can help you navigate your job search. It's the people, not the job boards, who are going to be the most helpful - and if you actually LIKE those people, then you're actually going to like your new job.

So, the next step is to find your future dream coworkers...

Your job search starts with research - you'll want to spend some time on the internet finding out more about your industry and the people who work in it. Through this research, you will start to see a pattern of similar company names that appear in your searches. Start looking into some of those companies and see if you can find out more information about their workplace. Outside of the obvious Google search, make sure to check Glassdoor, thoroughly check out the company website and LinkedIn page, and research individual people at the company.

Assignment One: Your Dream Company List

In this assignment you'll start to create a Dream Company List by finding 3 companies that you’d like to work for and begin the next step of finding out how to get a job there. Eventually, you'll want to have a Dream Company List of about 10 places that you'd absolutely love to work for - but start with 3 - you'll find more as you research and talk to people in your industry.

You'll begin this assignment with the LinkedIn Advanced People Search function. Open LinkedIn and click the word "Advanced" next to the search box at the top of the page. You'll use this search tool to find people who live in your city (or the city you're moving to) and who have your job title (or the job title that you want). Then, you'll come up with a list of people who are currently actively employed with this job title in your city and you can start thinking about where these types of people work and how you can find a similar job.

Next you'll come up with a list of people who have this job title in the city that you live in (or want to move to) and start to see what companies hire people for that job title. For example, if you're a Project Manager, you would type "Project Manager" in the Title field. Make sure to put parenthesis if you're typing more than one word in the field. You can also say something like "Project Manager" OR "Account Manager" if you'd like to see a list from two separate titles (make sure to capitalize "OR.") 

In the example above, you can see that there are 3 companies in the list where people work as Project Manager: Watson Creative, Nike, and Razorfish. 

Take a look at your LinkedIn search results and find 3 companies that you're interested in learning more about. Make sure to exclude any companies that you don't want to work for (because you don't have to!) and only include companies that you're curious about and seem interesting to work for. Next, in the form below, write the 3 companies and the link to their website. Submit the form to me and I'll get back to you within 48 hours with your next assignment.

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