Work It is a 4-week coaching bootcamp specifically designed for women to achieve success on a specific career path. The program creates a foundation for success through vision, strategy, strengths finding, and goal setting to navigate around obstacles and achieve career advancement.


WEEK 1: Create a vision for the future and map out how to get there.

WEEK 2: Tell your Career Story. Learn how to articulate your career path to strangers (and maybe even your Mom) in a way that inspires them to help you.

WEEK 3: Build momentum! Get support and accountability to accomplish your vision.

WEEK 4:  See results and overcome obstacles:

  • Learn how to set achievable S.M.A.R.T goals and create results through consistent action.

  • Optimize your communication strategy for effective leadership.

  • Increase your productivity and momentum.

  • Overcome procrastination to see results.


"When I found Mary, it seemed like a natural fit. Each week we met, she helped me refocus on my goals. Each week I left energized to tackle the next week and knew my time and money was well spent. Her encouragement, knack for goal setting, and accountability helped motivate me to grow my business faster and better than I could have ever done on my own! "

Jen - Portland, Oregon

Length Of Time: 4 Week Class
Cost: $197

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