"My job as a Career Coach is to help you find a career path that fits your personality and helps you feel more fulfilled."


Working as a recruiter, coach, and on crisis hotline volunteer has given me a unique perspective into how to help people navigate life's challenges - both large and small. I believe that it is possible to have what you truly want in life - and believe that is is possible to transform negative situations into positive outcomes. 

My name is Mary Blalock and I'm a Career Coach who has helped people get jobs at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, adidas and Nike. 

I received my coaching certification from Vera University where I studied evidence-based theories on how to help people create lasting behavior change in their lives. I discovered that some of my coaching clients were asking for career advice because they were struggling with difficult and stressful work situations and sacrificing their health for their jobs. I decided to combine my recruiting skills and coaching experience to focus on helping people find work that brings them joy and meaning in their life.

My own career has had ups, downs, and "aha!" moments to find a job that I love.

I get excited to help people overcome the real obstacles - both internally and externally - that keep us from living a life of contentment in our work.