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What's Your Story?

Dez Ramirez is a writer based in Portland, OR. She recently helped create and launch On She Goes -- Travel Stories for Women of Color.

Loves: storytelling, traveling, cooking, music, karaoke, plants, coffee, incense, books, and making her apartment crush-worthy.

One of her dream careers is: to be a rugged outdoors woman road tripping across the U.S. and living out of a van

What do you love about your work?

I love that I helped create a new safe space for women of color. It's been very fulfilling to provide opportunity for women of color that have a desire to incorporate storytelling into their writing and share experiences through their travels. As a writer and traveler, On She Goes has been an exciting project to help bring to life! We are encouraging women of color to be mobile and move out in this world. And we are telling them, "Hey, we're here for you now and when you come back and we want to hear all about your trip." 

It's just, awesome to support women of color in this way, and makes me happy thinking about it. I love giving back to people and this platform gives back.

I also just love growing into my art, which is writing. I didn't have a straight path into being a writer or journalist out of college. 2007/2008 was a bad time to be graduating with a Journalism degree, because Journalism was a crumbling industry. I had to work very un-glamorous jobs for a while out of college, and tried finding small ways to continue calling myself a "writer". I was living fully, making mistakes, and picking myself back up again. There was no European backpacking trip, study abroad, or Master's program for me. And now, a decade later, I have learned so much about myself, my work, and what makes me happy -- so growing into my identity as a writer now in my thirties is incredibly fulfilling. When you drift away from your art or craft seeking financial stability and responsibility, it feels crappy for a while, but its what some of us have to do. Its a sacrifice. But you can always go back to it, and when you find that path back, you feel aligned, and that feeling is the BEST. 

What advice do you have for women pursuing a dream career?

My advice to them is to pursue that dream career and truly believe that it will happen. Envision and manifest. I am a big power of manifestation person and believe in the power of the human and written word. The dangerous part here is when times get hard on that path to the dream job -- and believe me, it will get tough -- and you start verbalizing fear, and stress, and all that other normal stuff. Its OK to go there. But you've gotta remember to come back and stay focused. So, find whatever it is that grounds you and brings you back to center with yourself and your life dream. You're gonna need that during the challenging times. 

Buy the self-help books, listen to the podcasts, research the internet until your eyes burn. Research, read, meditate, exercise, talk to people, and support yourself with all the materials and activities out there that women rely on to help themselves achieve. Those things exist for a reason and it will only help you in the process. 

We all have different roads to our success stories and dream lives. The sooner you own that and stop judging yourself for mistakes, the better!

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