Join us for a 3-month goal setting and accountability program to help you achieve your career objectives - and have fun along the way! This program consists of 3 monthly events for women and small group circles for support during the month over a private Slack group. Each of the monthly events will include career coaching, goal setting tips, and Q&A about how to overcome specific challenges.

The mastermind is for women-identifying and non-binary folks who are looking for support to either get a new (and better) job or set goals to network towards a career transition. The program is a built in networking group to help you find resources, ideas, and support - and to have momentum to move forward in your career.

During each monthly mastermind meeting, you’ll learn about the most effective way to approach goal setting and get career coaching to support you in achieving the most success with your career goals. You’ll set up a 3-month goal and break it down into monthly and weekly goals with accountability to achieve them by the end of the program.

Between mastermind meetings, you’ll get career coaching support and weekly accountability in a private Slack group to keep you motivated to keep moving forward with your goals.

This class is the perfect formula for 3 important factors to career success: researched-backed goal setting, career coaching, and building community. Through career coaching guidance and the support of the group, you’ll have resources, connections, and knowledge at your fingertips.

Summer Program: May, June, July 2019

Mastermind Dates: Thursday, May 9th - Wednesday, June 5th - and Tuesday, July 2nd, 6-8pm.

Location: 135 NE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97232


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