Where are you on your career journey?

Are you confused about your career path?

During each of the four 1-hour coaching sessions, we will work through exercises that will help you create a clear direction for a fulfilling career path. You'll design a Career Map that you can use as a blueprint of steps to take toward your finding a job that you love. 


Are you ready to find a new job soon?

During each of the four 1-hour coaching sessions, you’ll learn the secrets of how to stand out from the crowd of applicants... in a good way. You'll redesign your resume, create a compelling cover letter, find jobs in the hidden job market, and learn to interview and negotiate like a pro.


Do you need motivation to get sh*t done?

During each or the four 1-hour coaching sessions, you'll get support and motivation to make your dreams possible. Whether you're looking to advance in your career, negotiate a better salary, or start a side hustle - you'll be able to actually move forward with your goals.