• Do you coach people in the evening after work?
    Yes, many of my clients work during the day, so I understand the importance of evening appointments. My coaching calendar is available until 7pm. My current calendar allows for day and evening appointments (5:30pm and 6pm appointments for people who need to meet me after work).

  • Can I talk to you in person to see if we’re a good personality fit?
    Since my schedule is usually booked out for a couple of months, I don’t do free intro coaching calls. However, I host frequent free live coaching webinars and I’m available via email for any questions. Send me a message! I’m available to answer any questions that you might have about the coaching process and determine if I’m the right fit for you.

  • How are you qualified as a career coach?
    I have a coaching certificate from Vera University and have worked as a recruiter for 10+ years helping people get jobs at companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Nike, and adidas. I’ve worked as a career coach for 5 years and have helped 100s of people discover a career path that fits their personality or find a job where they are happy and fulfilled.

  • Is it possible to sign up for one coaching meeting instead of a 4 meeting package?
    My coaching is very personal and in depth - I support people through major life transitions and big salary negotiations – so it takes more than one meeting for the magic to happen. If you have not met with me in the past, you’ll need to sign up with me for a 4-meeting package or class. If you have worked with me in the past through coaching or one of my classes, you can book a 1-hour meeting. Message me and I will send you the link to my calendar to sign up.

  • Can I just have you write my resume without signing up for coaching?
    In the Find It! Career Coaching Package, I review your resume and spend as much time as we need rewriting it. If I notice that you need a major resume overhaul, I will focus our coaching meetings on re-writing your resume and provide you with design suggestions and resources. In my 15 years in this business, I’ve seen thousands of resumes and have great ideas about what designs catch a hiring manager’s eye. I also have a unique technical ability with Microsoft Word so I can help you overcome any formatting challenges. I may offer resume-specific packages in the future, but at the moment I only offer this with the 4-week job searching package.

  • Do you only work with women or do you work with men?
    I do work with all people - including men - but I focus most of my mission statement on helping women-identifying and non-binary folks advance in their careers since external challenges for these folks can be greater. I do, however work with men in the creative fields since I have 10+ years of experience and expertise helping visual designers, project managers, product manager, UX designers, and similar fields. Feel free to contact me if you are a man in the creative industry.

  • How do I sign up and how much does it cost?
    Well that depends: If you interested in exploring your career options, sign up here for the Dream It! Coaching Package ($479 for 4 weeks with payment plan options) or the Design Your Career Class ($249 for 5 weeks). If you're ready to get started job searching immediately, sign up for the Find It! Coaching Package. ($479 for 4 weeks with payment plan options).